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Common Utah Overtime Lawsuit Claims

With offices in Salt Lake City and assisting employees throughout Utah, the overtime attorneys at Phillips Dayes Law Firm are dedicated to helping cheated workers recover the full wages they have earned. With years of experience in overtime pay litigation, we are familiar with all of the tactics employers use to illegally defraud their employees of overtime pay they have earned. Below are some of the most common claims upon which we have based successful Utah overtime lawsuits:

  • Requiring workers to have prior authorization of overtime hours in order to be paid for them
  • Denying overtime pay to employees who are salaried
  • Erroneously classifying employees as exempt from overtime pay
  • Making employees work off the clock to avoid paying them for overtime hours
  • Refusing to compensate employees for on-the-job training or meetings
  • Not including bonus pay when calculating an employee’s hourly wages to determine overtime pay rate

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Utah Overtime Pay Exemptions

The FLSA denotes certain employees as exempt from overtime pay, even if they work more than 40 hours in a given work week. While some Utah employees believe that they are exempt from overtime pay if they are paid a salary instead of an hourly wage, this is not the case. Likewise, no specific job title makes an employee exempt from overtime pay. Under the FLSA, only the following types of employees are not entitled to overtime pay:

  • Executive: If an employee is in charge of two or more employees, performs management duties, and has the power to hire and fire employees, he or she is classified as an executive and is not entitled to overtime pay.
  • Administrative: If an employee’s primary duties include office work that relates to management procedures or general business operations, he or she is an administrative employee and is exempt from overtime pay.
  • Professional: A professional employee is one who has pursued an advanced course of study specific to his or her career. Employees who fall into this category are not entitled to overtime pay.

In some cases, technology professionals and some outside sales employees are not entitled to overtime pay. Many employers take advantage of the confusing nature of Utah overtime exemption laws to deny workers the overtime pay they have earned. If you believe you may have earned overtime pay that you have not received, it’s in your best interests to contact an experienced Utah overtime lawyer to determine whether you are exempt from overtime pay.

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If you live or work in Utah and believe you are entitled to overtime pay which you did not receive, you need the representation of an experienced Utah overtime law attorney to protect your rights and help you recover just payment for your hard work. To learn more about employees’ rights in overtime lawsuits in Utah, we encourage you to contact us to schedule a free consultation with an attorney who is well-versed in federal and Utah overtime laws.