Nevada Overtime Laws

Nevada State Overtime Exemptions

Overtime pay laws in the state of Nevada closely follow the national overtime pay guidelines established by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). While most American workers are entitled to overtime pay, state and federal laws dictate that the following types of workers are exempt from overtime pay:

  • Executive
  • Administrative
  • Professional

In addition to employees who fall into the above categories, Nevada employees who work in the following types of positions may also be exempt from overtime pay:

  • Agriculture and farm workers
  • Workers who live at their place of employment
  • Outside salespeople
  • Workers in the transportation industry

Free Nevada Overtime Lawsuit Consultations

Nevada state overtime laws allow for a two-year statute of limitations on overtime pay lawsuits. This means that plaintiffs in overtime lawsuits in Nevada can recover back pay for overtime wages denied up to two years before the date upon which they file an overtime lawsuit claim. At Phillips Dayes Law Firm., our overtime lawyers understand that complex Nevada overtime laws may be difficult for many employees to interpret. If you suspect that you have been illegally denied the overtime pay to which you are entitled by Nevada employment law, we encourage you to contact us so that we can review your situation at no cost to you and help determine whether any laws have been violated.