Idaho Overtime Laws

Idaho State Overtime Exemptions

The FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) was established by the federal government to ensure American employees are treated fairly. Idaho state overtime laws are closely modeled after these national laws, in that the following types of Idaho workers are exempt from (not entitled to) overtime pay:

  • Executive
  • Professional
  • Administrative

Outside sales professionals who set their own hours may also be exempt from Idaho overtime pay. Additionally, other types of workers listed below may not be entitled to overtime pay under Idaho laws:

  • Farm workers
  • Agriculture workers
  • Transportation industry workers
  • Live-in workers

Free Idaho Overtime Lawsuit Consultations

Unfortunately, it is all too common for employees to be illegally denied the overtime pay to which Idaho state overtime laws entitle them. A two-year statute of limitations on overtime lawsuits in Idaho means that cheated workers may recover overtime pay illegally denied to them for up to two years prior to the date on which they file an Idaho overtime lawsuit claim. Overtime laws in Idaho may be confusing to many workers, so it’s a good idea for you to retain the counsel of an employment lawyer familiar with Idaho overtime laws to make sure your rights are protected. To learn more about plaintiffs’ rights in Idaho overtime lawsuits, contact an experienced overtime lawyer from Phillips Dayes Law Firm for a free consultation.